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How I view certain aspects of Life..

so this is how I view my life. well, not my entire life but certain aspects, really the bad parts. I imagine or view or whatever, I just picture it, a mountain. no, life ain’t no small ass ant hill lol it’s a big, strong, hard to climb.. treacherous mountain. one you just want to turn around and say “man fuck this shit” but you can’t! na you just can’t..turn around?.. give up? none of that shit! look, life is hard that’s that, it’s hard but that to me is symbolic to going up the mountain. not every situation will be easy, every situation will be different from the other, not every situation you can just get over! it can be discouraging, I know but don’t let it discourage you. some peoples situations may seem easy AF like, hol’up that shit alil too easy 🤔 your right! it does SEEM that way to you but it might be hard to them. you can’t compare situations or judge the difficulty of the situation, you just have to accept your ‘hard’ situation and change it. once you accept the situation and understand that it may be hard, that’s like you finally reaching the top of the mountain somewhat anyway. but, your not quite at the top though. you’re like there but your not there lol (if that make any sense) because you may still be struggling with accepting the shitty hand you was dealt (me with mine and my moms health situations, I don’t think we deserve it and may never truly get over that but I try to everyday) you may not like what you are going through but once you make it to the top it’s like a weight lifted from everywhere 😄 now that you kinda accepted it, you can kinda get over it.. well not just ‘get over it’ lol but choosing to just.. live with it and make it better..that’s you making it fully to the top and attempting to make it over it. it does help when you have just makes stuff easier, ya know? but if you don’t have a support system or think that you don’t.. do it for you! motivate ya damn self 😄 support will come eventually. but in the mean time let’s get back to this damn mountain and focusing on you..because time? i keep bringing up time because it’s valuable and people don’t use their time wisely. but anyway you do know that time doesn’t just stop or wait for no damn body right you do know that’s you making it down the mountain? just loving yourself is the way down. who else is going to love you if you don’t even love you? I’ll sit right here and wait…. look you have to love you and accept that you have flaws, you’re not perfect, the people around you are not perfect, it may appear like they have it all but it just “appears” that way. just focus on you and you only..waiter? you got that? the check…

8 thoughts on “How I view certain aspects of Life..”

  1. Maya Angelou once said, and her words are still in print today…”I got my own back!” Good one I think. Now, I believe we all have a support system, even if we don’t always know from where. Personally, I’d start with the man upstairs, but there are probably a few right here on Earth as well.

    No matter, I do believe that having your own back is an excellent rule of thumb. No one is going to love and care for you like you yourself. That doesn’t mean that people don’t care, it may simply mean, they are living their own lives, and forget that helping each other means we have less weight to carry around. We can help each other rise!

    Another thing I don’t believe is that we were meant to carry the mountain. We were meant to cross it. Although that’s not always easy, we can do it one step at a time. Using our energy for the things that we most value, and things that give us strength, empowerment, joy, and make us the highest and best we can be, well now…

    1. That’s a good point and Miss Angelou is right! I completely agree with that but it’s sometimes lonely when all you have is yourself, I just like to view somethings like that because life is hard like one. You can climb the mountain or carry it, but it’s still hard 😊and it’s even harder when all you have is yourself..

      1. I understand that ‘only having yourself’ would be hard, real hard, especially when you and yours are dealing with health situations which most of the people you are or may be coming in contact with have nary a germ of understanding.

        However, I wonder if there are people who you might feel more comfortable supporting and inturn will feel more comfortable being supported by, exist. Where can you connect with them? How keen are you to begin searching them out, taking the time to warm to them, and when they pop up, being there for them as well?

        I’ve also tried, tested, and succeeded at living life an inch at a time. Concentrating more on possible solutions, smoothing the difficult bits of the rocky bits. Therefore, I wish you less of what you don’t want, and more of what you do.

        Highest and Best!

      2. Thank You ❤ I wish nothing but the best for you as well and I pray that my mom and I continue to receive all the blessings

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