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Weight issues?

let’s talk about my weight because everyone deals with it 🙂 you can be “big” find it hard to lose weight be “skinny” can’t gain it (I deal with that “not being able to gain it” bullshit) I’m about 5’8 and only weigh 110 lbs (I just gained 4lbs) 🤗 I mean I can blame the skinniness on me falling ill (i went down to 95lbs, small? i know) but I have been skinny all my life like I’m twenty something I ain’t gaining shit unless I get pregnant and I ain’t getting pregnant NEVER! Not with the way the world is anyway. I mean, we are more drawn apart now more than ever before. There is absolutely zero amounts of unity, caring, equality.. fighting for what’s right, speaking up forwhat is right, supporting one another, respect for yourself and others. I don’t know, maybe it’s in the water or the food or the air.. I don’t fucking know, it’s somewhere. But now a days people are bullying each other like never before. People are judgey AF, like you ain’t perfect, nobody is so fuck off! But anyway, people are causing harm to each other becskin and the their skin color or sexual preference. I’m heterosexual, I loove men but I’m not gonna hate someone because they like the same sex.. I don’t agree with it, but showing hate towards them? Now, personally I think that’s alil much. But hey whatever.. you have to be judged (YOU, with all that hate in your heart) Remember YOU are the one that has to be judged for that bullshit, not me. Anyway yes, I be feeling like I’m not attractive because of my weight, my brown skin the fact that I’m not mixed..but then I start to think how can I find love when I don’t even love myself? so I try (and I say try because it’s hard) I try to shift my focus off all that. A person will search for flaws undiscovered and they’re some straight up haters lol! I’ve come to the realization that people are gonna find a reason to “hate” or talk bad about you..just let them talk! Shit they’re gonna talk regardless.

5 thoughts on “Weight issues?”

  1. Sometimes I am the same way. I use to be really skinny then I started having babies LOL. At first I liked my size after the first 3 then my 4th baby had me big up. Everyone would tell me I have a nice shape and females would hate all the time for no reason. I wasnt happy with myself, I was way too big In my head. I say all this to say that when I was smaller, Im talking 5’5 100 pounds soaking wet at first then I was between 130-150 up until I had my last baby. But even in those smaller sizes no body could tell me nothing. That was when I felt the most confident and wore what ever I wanted with no shame.

    1. I am not aware of your size right but you still shouldn’t have shame in anything you wear because people can sense that little lack of confidence..they feed off of that shit. I am 5’8 and I weigh 114 lol I’m self conscious about it but that is something I can not change.

      1. I agree with you.. It is taking some time but I am getting there. Self love is very important no matter what size you are. And I am 170 pounds luv and very shapely 🙂

      2. Remember that weight looks different on everybody but a lack of confidence? Looks the damn same 😄 Everything will work out for you in God speed, pretty lady.

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