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Hi I’m Ny, I’m black 🤪

*I was prompted to write this because I was trying to make an appointment with the neurologist (a follow up) but the lady (a white lady) talked down on me and made me want to cry lol she talked to me like I was below her or something. so instead of cursing her out and becoming the mad black woman I knew she wanted me to be I wrote this…

if you haven’t noticed YES I AM BLACK! my hair is wooly, my skin is bronze, I am discriminated against, I receive ‘vibes’ that I am not wanted, I feel I am denied services and proper treatment because I AM BLACK! and I am brown not light, my lips are not paper-thin, my hair is not bone straight, I am thin but I still have curves, I am not straight up and down, my ass is flat lol but not flat like the wall or a pancake, I am not a mixed girl nor do I wish I was, I am not white nor do I want to be. I AM BLACK and proud of it!

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