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Full stomach Empty mind.

So, he who shall not be I will just refer to him as that old man. Anyway that old ass man said he can’t do it ’cause he’s in a people that’s wheelchair bound can’t do shit? People in wheelchairs ain’t good for nothing? We should just be counted out, because we’re in a wheelchair? Look, I didn’t say anything about his daughter not being in her right state of mind. But let’s face the fact..she ain’t wrapped 2 tight up there! I didn’t appreciate his choice of words..because I can do any damn thing I want. We can all be great and accomplish anything. It got me down for like a second lol but then I started to feel bad for him..because he’s ignorant, lacking the knowledge of people with “disabilities”. I could have been real mean or negative about the situation but I decided to be the bigger person and turn that shit around and let it be some motivation. I want to say that people are going to doubt you or look at you like you are you can’t do shit because of something..but explain Stephen Hawking? He’s in a wheelchair, Nick Cannon has lupus. Mariah Carey suffers from bipolar, the list can go on and on..the only thing that differentiates my ‘Illness’ from lets say bipolar disorder, is that mine is visible. If I want to go back to school, I can do that..if I want to be a muthafuckin author, I could do that too..I can do any damn thing. I just choose not too..yes its a muthafuckin choice. See it’s people’s comments like what that old ass man said that makes me want to revert back to the old Ny..I’m getting mad all over again just thinking about it because he honestly had the nerve to say what he said and believed he was right? Fake news. Look, I dare you old man to read a book of my choice then write a 10 page book report..I’ll wait

I don’t know what else to say besides you can do whatever..what’s the limit? the sky 😂 the only person who can stop you is you and only you. It might take you longer but so what. Look, I been reading this same damn book since forever but I already started it..I went from reading one chapter a day to only putting the book down because its night lol its taking me long but once I’m done..because I’m going to finish..I could smile like I accomplished that shit what’s next?Well the only limit I got is the sky, so with that being said..what’s next? anything

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