When you love someone..

When you love someone, you don’t judge them for their past. Everybody makes mistakes in their lives but that’s all it was…….a mistake! people make mistakes..they learn from them and they try not to make the same mistake twice. But it was your decision to date that person! It was also your decision to then judge that person! Remember what you liked about that person. When you take away the mistakes that person has made, do you still like that person? Do you still enjoy that person’s company? Yes? So why are you choosing to bash the person you find the most comfort in?

I am not a therapist or some type of relationship coach but I just don’t understand how a person can be so judgmental of a person’s past but still manage to be in a relationship with them. If you are that sickened by their past life before you, simply 🗣 don’t choose to be in the relationship! It is not healthy. It seems as though “the only time you love them is naked in your dreams” Shit how was they supposed to know that they was gonna meet you?

That’s what I enjoy the most about life it’s unpredictable. You can literally be crying one moment believing your never gonna find someone to love and accept you then boom! here comes that special somebody ❤ You miss out on opportunities with “the one” being so judgmental. Nobody likes a battered, judgey, mean ass individual. Accept that they found enough comfort in you to discuss their past with you..dont judge them if you wish to be with them..leave the judging up to God. Only God can judge..not me


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