Things You Should Know..

Deadly Sins.

  • These are the 7 Deadly Sins. I do not know if I am sinning but I wish to be forgiven. I want to ask forgiveness for unknowingly sinning. I don’t want you, reading this to think “I’m a sinner, I’m a bad person..I sinned alot before..” because I ain’t trying to make you feel bad for what you did in the past, today is a new day..ask for forgiveness..learn from your mistakes..try not to do it again..ask for forgiveness again lol Remember a sin is a sin. You ain’t suppose to judge. How you figure that some sins deserve hell but some ain’t that bad and they definitely deserve heaven? You don’t, so stop ain’t..nevermind just read the list and learn from it.

7 Deadly Sins

In conclusion lol EVERYBODY UNKNOWINGLY SINS. You want what they got, you’ll go broke trying live like them, envy. You won’t ask for help knowing damn well you need it, pride. You go to clubs..bars..get under the influence, knowing you want something other than a dance, lust. You always want more, it’s never, food, a big ass house with fucking seven bedrooms ,two dining rooms, ten damn bathrooms, even though it’s just you, ya kid/kids, and ya partner, greedy. Gluttony and Greed are kinda the same but gluttony deals more with food and greed deals more with money. Gluttony is like when your eyes are bigger than your stomach, kinda lol but it’s like you see all this get it..but when you go to eat it you like “why did I get this..” yeah why the fuck did you get it? To share? Na not at all..and you actually ate it all. Sloth, to me is like when your real lazy. You don’t a sloth lol Wrath is kinda like..because it happened to you, you want it to happen to somebody else. Since you felt pain, you want others to feel that same pain..idk, wrath is kinda hard to explain.
But yo I’m out. Ask for forgiveness and pray. But don’t sit around hour an5d don’t do nothing and think just because you prayed means you don’t have to do shit.

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