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You know change..

People don’t get that I out-grew some shit. They just can’t get it through their thick ass heads that Ny is different now, but is it really that damn hard to believe! Or you just don’t want to? Things that would get me mad before or make me curse you out for being dumb…I just let it roll off my shoulders now (I dust that shit off, I don’t let it phase me anymore, I ain’t got time for that. I never did.) but sometimes I feel like people poke at me wanting that “mad black woman” to appear so they can say “I knew Ny aint change, that was a joke” and laugh like it’s a damn joke. But listen, those people just want to be in control of something because at home they control absolutely nothing, literally nothing at all. They probably can’t even wipe their ass without permission 😂 but seriously. And when they see you they remember how bad your temper USED to be and how easily you USED to get annoyed. But see, you changed and they don’t know that yet. It’s like they have one goal and that’s to fuck up your day, make you revert back, interrupt your peace, control your damn emotions by pissing you off, block ya damn blessings 😂. But nope, I’ll pass! I’m like they are thieves. They just wish to rob me of my good vibes, my positive thoughts, stray me away from my damn goals (just so negative about everything and annoying AF ) Remember you can not change with people like that around you. And don’t think about it as “being mean” it’s just certain energy you can’t or should not mix your new energy with and yoo those bad vibes.. nobody wants that in their life, nobody got time for that 😁 Be around people like you (the new changed you) people with almost the same goals as the new you! you can not ‘be great’ lol doing the same shit you were doing before, dealing with the same’ol bad ass they’ll be in the same’ol place with that same’ol mindset. So change your surroundings and that may mean the people in it too, remember they’ll be there..oh and another thing to remember those people..are a direct reflection of you.

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