In a year I will be..

I was asked by a friend “where do you see yourself in one year? What are the steps you have to take to reach that ‘goal’?”

Where do I see myself in a year πŸ€” Hmmm, that’s a good ass question. I definitely see myself stronger, as I doo gain strength everyday πŸ’ͺ🏾 I see myself happy and healthy. And I also see engagement in my I don’t have a man yet lol But still, I see me, happy, healthy and engaged somewhere (well engagement probably not in a year but in the future) I see my body finally being at ease, as this “dis-ease” fades from my body. Did I mention that I want to be happy and healthy? I was told before that “it is impossible to fully enjoy life, if you are not healthy” -YouAreCreators on YouTube..I will link it. But that is not my first time hearing those words..of course i hear it all kinds of ways..but it all sums up to the same is wealth. I just want so badly to be healthy and I know..a year from now..when I’m healthy, happiness will soon follow ❀ I wonder where do my mom see herself? Where do you see yourself in a year?


Can I be tagged in your answer or can you leave a comment with your answer? Thanks I appreciate it ❀

2 thoughts on “In a year I will be..”

  1. Those are great goals! In a year…I see myself being happier, successful and hopefully drinking more water then I do now

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