Things You Should Know..

Only God can judge..not me

I have this story about this guy who had a near death experience. I read a lot of shit..remember everything..and I watch people n listen alot but that’s another story. But anyway this guy was explaining how he had died for like an hour and while he was gone he recalled he was in a line like long ass shit, that line. None of the “people” were people, they were like clear and he could see like seeds or something in their chest..some people had a lot of seeds..some people had less..but they all had seeds in their chest. Dude was like what the fuck is these seed like things and why the fuck everybody got them? Those seed like things were all the times you didn’t forgive..all the times you judged a person..all the times you acted out of anger, said things out of anger..all those things you did and thought people fogot..we did but God didn’t. You never asked for never said sorry for just prayed that the shit will somehow disappear. You can not do can not just be like fuck that and them because at the end of the day..the only person that has them seeds is you..your conscience ain’t clear..yes they might have said something mean to you but giving up on them? Really? have a heart, a soul, feelings, a conscience right? Well a person with all that won’t allow their feelings and emotions to determine an outcome that may last a lifetime. It’s not necessarily what you do it’s how people will react to what you do.

With that being said waiter ☝🏾 the check…

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