I don’t wanna die..I just don’t wanna be in pain

There was a time not to long ago, when my mom was in the hospital..where I wondered where my next meal was gonna come from..or would I even eat. If I do eat..what was I gonna eat? How was I gonna eat? Who was gonna feed me? Again, was I even going to eat? I ate breakfast and lunch, will that hold me over until tomorrow? There’s mad people who don’t eat dinner, I should be good..I thought to myself. But the reality of it was, those people aren’t sick! They probably could miss meals but I can’t. My legs were stiff, arms were stiff..feet was hurting, hands were inflamed and hurting as well. I’m like damn, You really gon do me like this? From missing meals..all this shit is happening? Seriously? I don’t want to die..for real I don’t, but this pain? I don’t feel it anymore..

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