Everything is mental

Everything is mental.
Can I first tell you how strong and powerful the I AM affirmation is? Everything that you think becomes your reality. All it takes is a little thought, can be the size of a mustard seed, but that one tiny thought can sprout into something big and real. You have to start thinking positive thoughts because what you think about the most becomes your reality. What you sit on and think about the most manifest itself into reality. Everything is mental..disease? that is all it is really. The body is hyped up, it is not at ease causing dis-ease or disease to begin growing in the body.

A body at ease has no room for disease – African Holistic Health.

I listen to alot of I AM affirmations about the body and health before bed. I listen to the I AM affirmations about wealth and public speaking as well as simple meditations to help clear my chakras but I listen to those throughout the day. Listening to them regularly combined with visits to my doctors, I came to the realization that everything really is mental. Everything starts with a tiny thought, you probably wrote a simple line or wrote a harmless status and forgot about it but the universe didn’t. Reverse that shit, surround yourself with people like you..people who are willing to make changes..positive people and remember everything is mental…

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