Dang, it’s like that?!

I said it before on here..a while back..that people don’t realize life is short. I keep pushing for people to be there. Be present because this thing called life, it’s too short. Before you know it or realize it life will be coming to an end. Everyone will be either growing older, getting sicker or dying off. you can’t escape that. It’s destined to happen. So if you are aware of that thing about life, why waste your time caring about no one or nothing but yourself? You will not be accepted into heaven because why would they want a selfish being in heaven? You are not needed..you are not wanted..you will be of no help. You are barely helping here on earth so…you are not going to heaven because you are not needed. I mentioned before that I do not eat every night and it was brought to my attention that someone was asked to help a sista out and that person said they can’t because they were watching a movie 🤔 a movie? Something that can be paused and rewinded. Can life be put on pause? How about rewinded? You would rather sit your lazy flat ass there than help someone in need? Dang it’s like that

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