Stay true to you and what you believe in. I know it’s easy to put your beliefs to the side when you’re in an environment where people don’t practice your beliefs. Where everyone does not believe in the same thing. Where everything is tempting and so easy to get, which makes it that much easier to forget your beliefs. A person who is older yet does not indulge in partying, drinking or sexual activity..they are deemed corny. People be like “maan you ain’t no a virgin for real?” “you really a cornball” Why is it so hard to find a person who stayed true to what they believed in? And when you come across that person, you question them in disbelief. Why? Wassup with you? I think it’s cool for a person to keep their morals and remain true to themselves. A person who can’t be peer pressured into drinking, shit it wasn’t something they wanted to do. Or a person who doesn’t smoke, shit maybe they don’t want their breath to stink. Or a person who is not sexually active because they don’t feel right about it. It’s okay. You can change your mind while your lips are on the bottle. Shit I did.

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