Things You Should Know..

Spread love. Don’t BODY SHAME🚫

Hey, I wanted to hurry and write this down before I forget 😊 It is about weight because as you may or may not be aware of..weight is something that I struggled with. I say struggle with a ‘d’ because weight is something that changes, something that can be changed but the change will not be permanent. So why should I cause harm and permanent damage to this body for something that is temporary? Weight will forever change and it will forever control your life as long you forever care about what people think and say. Change the way you think, Change your life. Think Positive.
I am not afraid or ashamed of the struggles I faced with my weight anymore, because everyone EVERYONE struggles with weight 😥 I can recall always being called names because of my weight or lack of weight..of course I got emotional and I always got the question of do you eat? & they then began demanding that I eat. I mean, can a person 26 go that long without eating? They were telling me that I need some meat on my bones. It hurts because people don’t understand how hurtful their words really can be. YES! I’m skinny..I can 👀 that. YES! I’ve tried to gain weight but I can’t. And I honestly don’t wish for weight anymore. I am skinny. People are going to be bigger, taller, stronger and smaller than me, because we are all different! Different shapes, different shades, different styles, different opinions, different preferences, different everything. We are different. Don’t body shame because you don’t prefer that kind of body..there are plenty more bodies out there to choose from, I’m sure you will find one to your liking but until then Spread love. DON’T BODY SHAME! 🚫

3 thoughts on “Spread love. Don’t BODY SHAME🚫”

  1. Weight struggles are hard to deal with! I am currently still struggling and I have to remind myself each day to be kind to myself. The only person I can control is myself and how I feel about my body. I try not to focus on how other people view me. I wish everyone could read this post! #SpreadLove

    1. I believe that we are harder on ourselves than others. We have to think differently because the mind is so powerful. Thank you and I wish more people will read and get the understanding and stop letting others judgement of our bodies control our lives and alter the way we view our body. I’m content with being skinny but because other people judge i started to say “well maybe I am 2 small” we have to stop body shaming
      Stay Positive ❤ the body belongs to you

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