Another page from my diary..

Today I realized how much I really am on my own, besides my mother I have to totally fend for myself because everyone in my opinion is selfish. Lonely..mad..broke..and selfish. No one genuinely cares for the next person. Everyone, in my opinion is in an event of permanent despair. Everyone, in my opinion is in an event of permanent poverty and anger because of their permanent predicament of low income. They feel they must save the little they do get, work more, save alittle more and never be free to tend to or help anybody else. Nobody should feel like they must fend for themselves. No one should feel like a burden because no one, in my opinion is a burden..if anything people are an asset and those people being as selfish as they are, never slowed down for just a second to realize it. I can help, I’m in a wheelchair but I can help in some way. They can help too, everyone can be a help in some way. Learn to utilize people for what they are good at/for..follow the signs set out for you, don’t ignore them and become a fool. Only a fool will complain every day but not do shit to change it..all the tools are laid out in front of you, the people. Different people have different ways of handling situations to curve the outcome of any situation in their favor. I’m a thinker, so thinking of every outcome first before taking action is real important to me, I’m attracted to thinkers and not the people who act without thinking. You can use me, my way of train of thought, in some way but how? You are in despair, your mind is when supplied with the tools to help you get out of that angry place, you don’t even know how to use them. I suggest you utilize the people and build from there.

6 thoughts on “Another page from my diary..”

  1. I have felt alone and completely on my own before. It’s important to evaluate your circle often and shift people around as needed. Lastly, as important as it is for people to be there for us we have to make sure that we are there for them as well. Everyone is going through something. Great post!

    1. Sometimes it’s difficult for a depressed person to reach out..maybe everyone is depressed. A person sometimes (me) feels like a bother asking for something I need so I choose to say nothing at all. People are selfish and lack communication so how would a person know they are going through something? Thanks tho ❤

      1. I completely understand as I have gone through depression as well. I realized that no one can help if they don’t know and I make it a point to tell at least one person what I am going through. I went through something very traumatic the day after Christmas. Even though I didn’t want to I reached out to 5 good girlfriends and didn’t expect anything out of it. All of them poured so much love into me: stopped by my house, brought me flowers, called and texted whatever they could. I was legit shocked! You will be surprised how people will be there for you if you just tell them. I know it’s easier said than done but just give it a try and explain nothing in return. They might surprise you!

      2. I am glad you have had a good experience 😊 but it’s not the same mental health in the black community is not talked about as if nothing can be wrong with the black person. I do not have a diagnosed mental illness but I do have a brain injury , I’m sure they are related

      3. I agree! As black people, we have to do better with our mental health! I believe that your brain injury is related as well. I pray everything gets better for you!

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