I am disappointed but I shouldn’t be surprised..

Stop expecting people to be as good of a person as you are. People do not treat people how they wish to be treated. People do not take into consideration that they will become dependent on people one day, clearly not today but definitely one of these days. You can not escape it. Everyone is destined to grow old and everyone is destined to die. I find myself disappointed in peoples actions but not really mad or surprised because I do not expect anything beyond..I expected to be let down or forgotten about. So when it does happen 🤷🏾‍♀️ I choose not to be upset. I am in control of how I react to certain things and how I act in certain situations. It’s sad that I expect nothing from a person than to be dissed and let down and disappointed. I also believe in the law of attraction and also understand that what you fear or think about the most becomes your reality. I try not to expect the worst from people but it is kind of hard when peoples actions are predictable.
I am a good and honest person but everyone isn’t like me. Everyone isn’t good. Some people lived a horrible life and they treat people how they were treated their entire life. But they are taking their anger out on the wrong people..these people are not the enemy..these people are not here to cause harm or hurt. These people are here, just like you, in need of help to rehabilitate back into this shitty world. You may not believe that you are in need of help but think back to how you have treated people. How does your treatment of people make you feel?
I believe that is a person in need of some mental help. You are suffering from an undiagnosed, invisible illness. Don’t treat people like that. Stop leaving people disappointed in you. Stop being predictable.

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