Letter to my unborn…

in case I don’t make it. This right here is a letter to my unborn..child..that is. In remembrance of me, just in case I don’t see you kid, just in case I don’t get the chance to holla at you. Teach you the life lessons like my momma did with me. This is a letter to my unborn child. Ever since you was conceived, you was taught to believe that anything is possible with a dollar and a dream, even if ain’t a dollar..just a couple of cents..your mommy wasn’t a dummy..long as you use your common sense you can flip that. Don’t bite your tongue for nobody, not a got damn soul. Baby make your voice heard! Emotions..no child of mine will ever hold. If you think it..believe it..live by it and teach it. Let every scar, inside and out..tell a story of how Nyasia’s child never gave up. I want you to do the things that I couldn’t do. Get involved in everything! I want a smile stretched across everybody’s face..everytime they think about Nyasia’s child. You were conceived out of love, not a mistake in no way, shape or form.

So allow this letter to be the blue print it was meant to be..and pave the way towards the future I wanted for you..and when times are at their hardest, uncrumble this letter and smile..the way I’m smiling now. Letter to my unborn child..

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