It’s better to die then live life like this.

I sometimes think it’s my fault, why people choose to jump in and out of my life. Why people choose not to help me then complain that they are unhappy with the care that I’m receiving. Why I miss meals as if I don’t have families around me who has families to feed anyway, will one extra mouth truly hurt? I have money to feed my damn self if money is an issue. I don’t understand and I began to blame myself thinking “it’s just me who they are unwilling to help” Then I realized that they treated people who were no longer an asset to them anymore..people who they had to be physically present, people who needed help and to do things for..those people? They treated in this manner. People wants you to be happy and healthy but they don’t have patience enough till you become happy and healthy. They just want to be a witness to it and if you never make it out of that hard spot, it’s no nevermind to them. You made it? Ok. You still struggling? Ok. They don’t care to help but they will show anger toward the people who mistreat be angry at yourself.

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