Things You Should Know..

Camp Independence ❤

This pass week August 18th through the 24th I had the pleasure of attending Moss Rehab’s Camp Independence. I had an amazing time there 🤗 such an amazing time there. It is an adult camp for adults with disabilities. For 1 week I forgot that I even had a disability. Everyone was so nice and willing to lend a helping hand. I didn’t have to ask for anything, as they (the camp counselors) would beat me to it 😀 that was nice. I must admit I was nervous being away from home, but the staff and campers at Camp Independence quickly accepted me and Camp Independence became my home away from home. I went to camp knowing absolutely no one but I left with 🤞🏾 life long friendships. I am definitely attending Camp Independence next year and every year after 😀 why is it only a week? I wish it were longer. I love the experience and environment at Camp Independence and I encourage everyone disabled and abled to attend and volunteer at Camp Independence. You will not regret it! See you all there ❤

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