Things You Should Know..

The 13th..SAD BUT TRUE

The 13th Amendment or the abolition of slavery. Was passed in 1865 ๐Ÿค— Many black people..heard those words and jumped for joy believing they were free. But looking deeper into the amendment, the 13th people had nothing to jump for joy for really. Black people were not free and are not freed people! Black people will never be freed people and people other than white people, will forever be looked down upon.
Criminals are slaves. Criminals are looked down upon. Criminals are treated less than human beings, criminals are people who are not treated like they are people. Most criminals are black people. So yes, the 13th amendment abolished slavery but the amendment made things worse for criminals. Being considered a criminal is like being called a slave. So in a way, slavery was never abolished. Slavery was just given a new name and it’s new name is Criminal.

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