Your influence on the people counts.

I was over thinking it, damn near giving myself a headache thinking so hard about it. I scrolled down social media aka the devil in disguise..its disguised because everything on social media is a bunch of lies. on there a person can be whoever they wish..photoshop their pictures then get alot of likes to make them satisfied..that’s some bullshit. Don’t look around at your life and scroll through your pictures and be discouraged. Those people don’t live like that..I guarantee you that..I guarantee you that that’s a fact. Don’t compare your real life to their “real life”. It’ll just upset you because they appear to be doing better than you..5% probably really live that rich life but the other 95% don’t. I mentioned before that you are not judged by everything you do but by how people interpret the things you you influence a people. Don’t kill yourself or go broke trying to live a life you can not afford.



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