Show love, it’s better that way.

I don’t like when a person says but you know I love you. Ok, but do I see it? Do I even care that you claim that you love me or have love for me when I don’t see it..i don’t feel it. You don’t have to buy anything, I prefer time anyway because it’s free lol sike na πŸ˜‚ seriously though, like I mentioned before you can not get time back once it runs out. You can’t get time doesn’t start over..give them your time because in my opinion it means more than a gift. Have you ever put mad thought into a gift anyway? Have you ever made a gift? I’m asking that because it’s cheap lol sike na..I am not cheap πŸ’…πŸΎ. But seriously I feel as though you should create a gift..put some shit together that incorporates their interests..their likes. That’s like a person gifting me some damn chocolate..I mean I’m happy that you thought of me, I appreciate the gesture..but have you ever seen me eat chocolate? Cause I don’t like the shit. See, that would upset me because to my knowledge you weren’t paying attention to me, you never once seen me eating chocolate because it makes me nauseous. I eat Reese’s though 😁 cause it got peanut butter..i used to eat Snickers until it started making my teeth feel weird. But that’s not the point..the point is time, once it’s gone it’s gone, spend it with them. I know there’s a person out there that feels guilty they didn’t spend valuable time with their loved one before they passed and you should feel guilty. You deserve to feel that way, you deserve all the bad karma headed your way because you were being in my opinion..selfish. Ima get to back to this, be on the look out for it or put in your email so you can be notified when I post it ❀

8 thoughts on “Show love, it’s better that way.”

  1. A person consistent actions or lack there of will always show you how they truly feel about you over their consistent words. Also, I got to slightly disagree about a person deserving bad karma if they didn’t spend valuable time with a loved one before they passed, because unless a loved one is on their death bed and giving only a few days to live, you not going to know when your time with them will be up. However, I will agree the person was being selfish if the loved one that passed had reached out multiple times to him/her and been trying to spend time with them and got blown off always.

    1. I find that people in need of help are blown off alot because people look at people who are in need of help as like below everybody else. People who are in need of help are talked 2 any kind of way and needs are pushed aside until someone is ready. I am a person who now needs help and I feel like I can not truly speak my mind because I do “need” them for the moment. I hold what I really want to I ignore alot and I do want to speak on it but I don’t because I need them now and may need them later. I feel that “loved ones” may feel guilt at the end. And try to hurry and make things better but the damage is done. I’m dying, you never heard how I truly felt, you are forgiven but does all the “nice” deeds done now matter

      1. Are you needing help right now or not needing help? I ask because you stated both in the reply above. Also, it’s not good to hold things in because a lot of times a person won’t realize they might of did something to hurt you if you don’t tell them. Therefore, you can’t expect someone to know something that might of made you feel a certain way always if you haven’t addressed it with them and they probably got no clue what you actually going through.

      2. Both, I need help but I don’t want help because I don’t want to force help. People see that I need it and I do not expect anyone to read my mind or anything but it is evident and I will speak up next time.

      3. Again…. if you don’t say anything…. people might see you got something you dealing with, but might think you’re good already… if you don’t say anything to them about it… God to remember, everybody doesn’t think the same way now. Also, you say you not expecting nobody to read your mind, but if you feeling a certain way that nobody has step up to help with you not saying anything, then you really are expecting them to read your mind.

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