Things You Should Know..

You will never be happy πŸ’”

You can never find happiness trying to impose on someone else’s happiness. You will only be happy when you find self love. Some people envy other people because other people seem to be happy. They are putting on a front, they are acting..and you are their audience. They are pretending to be happy and in love because of people like you, who are looking, watching, studying, judging. They are not happy. They are not living this life that you so badly want. Be yourself and your time will come…I promise

3 thoughts on “You will never be happy πŸ’””

  1. Social Media plays a huge role in false happiness these days. The outside world can put on a mask that you may never believe nor can take off. It’s fascinating when you get to really know someone, and slowly remove that mask to see whom they really are. Great read!

    Have an awesome day,

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