Read it slow ❤

I just want somebody to be down for me like how I imagine it to be in my dreams
I just want somebody to accept me , flaws and all, when I’m nice or whilst I’m mean
I want a person to always have my back
that’s love
a person to always be there for me no matter what
I don’t even want a boyfriend..girlfriend relationship
Or a girlfriend girlfriend relationship
I just want somebody to call a friend
a friend I could actually call a friend
basically a person I can count on until the end
a person who’s gonna be there through sickness and through health
a person who will accept me through brokenness or through wealth
a person I would use my last breath to call on
a person who will be there to catch me when I fall
a person who will hold my hair while I throw up
a person, if they need to vent, I’ll be the first person they call up
Don’t forget about me either
that’s wack
Don’t make me feel unwanted, not welcome
don’t make a person feel forgotten..neglect

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