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Canine Companion UPDATE:GOOD NEWS πŸ˜€

Soo, I recieved a positive email from Canine Companions for Independence! I am approved to be futher examined to be accepted for the waiting list to receive a therapy dog πŸ˜…
That’s a big step for anyone applying to receive any kind of therapy anything. I felt this same way waiting to hear back from Camp Independence (a camp for disabled adults at and above the age of 18) I knew I would be accepted but there was still this little sense of doubt. This little feeling in the pit of stomach, this sinking feeling in my chest, this little voice in my head saying that I’ve submitted an incomplete application and for this reason I may not be accepted 😣 it was a negative feeling that I had to shake off.
I will be accepted, I will join the waiting list for Canine Companions, and I will receive a therapy dog. I have to think positive and positive things will indeed happen.
Fingers are still crossed lol 🀞🏾

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