Things You Should Know..

The possibility of war.

I’m just sitting here thinking about this war that is possibly going to begin. Man this war is straight up happening..not possibly, IT’S HAPPENING. I am thinking about all the families that are about to be broken. The people who are not guaranteed to return. The people who’s lives will be different, if they are lucky enough to return. The younger people who joined just to receive an education. It’s sad to think about.
Those men and women who were deployed can have injuries that could destroy their lives forever. They can be returned in a wheelchair. They could return homeless. They could return in a casket. And once they are returned home unrecognizable or with missing limbs..they are disposed of..they are unless. They are damaged and they will not receive any help from anybody..definitely not the country they were fighting for.
We, Americans, did not want this. But it is above us now. We can’t do anything about it. The president have started trouble time and time again and leaves the American people to clean up the mess that he’s made. The president has enough money to run, hide, and to never be found. When regular working class citizens CAN’T.
We have to try to live through this bullshit. We have to inhale the hazardous air. We have to drink the hazardous water, which will probably kill us quicker than the war itself. We have to see it, while YOU, president of the United’ll probably just hear about it via email.
This is what you started POTUS, this is what you wanted. By a simple command, you were able to destroy multiple people’s lives. I am not saying, not to join the armed forces but you are fighting for a person and a country that doesn’t give a fuck about you.

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