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It is hard being disabled..

It is hard being disabled ๐Ÿ˜ฅ it is hard to find a genuine person these days..and when you find 1, you have to hold onto them. I have been sick now for about 5 years and I cannot name 1 person who was consistent and loyal to me. I’ve come across people who seemed like honest people but time after time I have been let down. I have noticed about these people that they are good talkers. After being around my family and I and seeing how blessed we are, they begin asking me for things, not showing up or making an appearance when it’s convenient for them. I don’t like that and I always wonder where is the other person that I actually liked? The first person I met.
I’ve also noticed that everything is about money. Money is everything for these people. These people don’t care about friendship or character. These people will lose a friendship over 20$ ๐Ÿคญ I am not saying that 20$ is alot or that 20$ is a little bit of money but I don’t think 20$ is worth losing a honestly depends on the situation and I highly doubt a 20$ situation is worth it..

4 thoughts on “It is hard being disabled..”

  1. Disability is hard. I think it always will be. I don’t think it’s magically going to get easy, there’s too much it involves. But I hope you find the support you need, someone you can trust to be open with, someone that stays. I think we all need that. Best of luck x

    1. Thank you, I pray that we all can find that 1 loyal person who stays around โค especially through sickness because once a person becomes unable to do certain things, everything falls including “friendships”

      1. I don’t know what it’s like to loose friendships because of illness. But I do not what it means to never have them to begin with. It’s never easy.

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