There is only one race ..the healing one

I have heard before that there was only one race and that was the human race, I was taught that by Jane Elliot in one of her videos but I kind of had to disagree. I mean, there are white humans and black humans 🤔 So there can’t only be one race. It just can’t be. I know and could see the difference between me and others unlike me. We are not the same, clearly and evidently. But I feel where we are all the same is the fact that we are all in need of healing. We all want to be healed. We are all searching for healing, happiness, wealth, peace and matter the matter the matter the people we’ve hurt in the matter the color.
People of all walks of life, are all searching for the same thing. Although you may not agree with the way people choose to get ‘it’, you can agree that everyone African American people, Asian, Caucasian, Haitian, Jamaican, Mexican people..all wish for that same thing..but choose to focus on the differences among eachother rather than the similarities.There is only one race..the healing race.

4 thoughts on “There is only one race ..the healing one”

  1. The old world is gone and I hope we learned. We are the same. I pray our new world see people, they see children. Not color, race or religion. This is amazing my friend.

      1. Whole world is suffering. USA isn’t doing so good. I live in the Detroit area and so many are lost. I hope the nations are helping other nations. Be safe.

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