He’s homeless because of crack?

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We were just rolling down the and my three other cousins..the one driving his name is Ab 24..i cant drive at the moment..So yeah, me, Ab and my other two cousins, we came to a red light and there was a man sitting on the sidewalk looking full of all hope was little cousin was like “that’s a shame he’s on drugs..right homeless people are on drugs” my other little cousin looked at the man and sunk down in his seat because the man had noticed he was being looked at..i guess he also assumed he was being discusssd because he started to get up but we pulled off before he could make it all the way up from that seated position he was in. But yo, I don’t know about anyone else but I could always tell when anybody was looking at me lol it’s like i could feel their eyes watching me or something. I know it’s not because im drop dead gorgeous or anything, it’s probably because I have something in my nose and they don’t know how to tell me lol Anyway he asked “Ny, he lost his house because of drugs?” Before i could answer my other cousin answered he said “yes Ali”..that’s my cousin’s name, Ali 10 and the one who answered him , his name is Mike 14. “He’s homeless because he’s a crackhead” i laughed because he honestly believed that just because this man was homeless automatically meant that he was on crack or something. I turned around toward the two innocent looking boys..looked more at Mike though to imply that my words were geared more for him..i said “Mike, how do you know that he’s homeless because of crack? How did you come to that conclusion?” Look yall, just because a person does a drug does not necessarily mean that’s why they are homeless. Being an adult is hard and certain situations can result in your homelessness. Mike? Even you can be homeless, you aren’t on crack right? He shook his head no. Ok you’re not..but what you do today will determine your future. Just because they are homeless today does not mean they will homeless tomorrow. It doesn’t mean they are on crack..they just made a bad decision, that’s all..I think he understood more..well i hope he did lol

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