Things You Should Know..

The Best damn Thang ❤

I truly believe that the best damn thing that was ever created was the woman.
We are filled with magical powers. The power to, feed a child from the breasts sitting on our chest. Black man any man can you do that? Bring life into this world, start a whole village of little men and women with just two people..a man and a woman. Can you do that? Without the two? Women have the ability to create life, and that is what is known. The woman can never be cloned. The life and body of a woman can not be duplicated or recreated or made to appear as a woman. It may come close very close but too close to perfection and we all know that the woman is not perfect. We have breasts that may sag, strips from the created life on our body, and if you are black you will have more than that. Now that, the pain from years of being mistreated, the aching feet from years of work with little pay. Or how about getting paid less than the white man, the white woman then the black that order.. but we are doing the same work, how about that? Do you want that too?
Just know that the woman can not be duplicated

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