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We don’t have any role models😞

We don’t have any role models anymore and this honestly breaks my heart 💔 We have no one to look to for help. No one to listen to and follow for direction. We don’t know who or what to believe. We are a lost people 😞

I was watching old videos of actual do-ers. These were people who actually  put actions behind everything they preached. What I noticed about all of these people was the respect for one another. They didn’t have to “like” one another but they respected each other. We don’t have that today…we aren’t allowed to speak truths without someone being offended. I see 👀 videos being blocked. People being forced to delete and take things down. Notifications stating that something was said that may be offensive.

This race of people get offended by the simplest of’s sad. How will we ever KNOW the truth, if we aren’t allowed to POST the truth? Where are our role models of today?

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