Things You Should Know..

Being black in America

Being a black person in America is like being armed when you are unarmed. Our skin is the weapon and we are always carrying. Black people are tired of turning the other cheek and trying to spread peace. That peaceful shit is not never works..being peaceful to uncivilized people will never work. We don’t want to act out in violence but it seems to be the only thing that is heard..the only thing that is understood.
White people?! Why do you feel it’s ok to kill us when we have done absolutely NOTHING to you? Do you think that black people will not be missed? Do you think that black people are not loved? What is your intention when you call the cops on us? You understand that nothing peaceful will be the outcome when you involve a black person and the police. It’s almost like you want us to die. You lie to the cops and act distressed then act shocked when we are handled like animals and killed. Do you look at us like we are animals?
WE ARE HURTING! BLACK AMERICA IS HURTING! AMERICA PERIOD IS HURTING. White people nowhere have to fear driving to the store or passing a police officer in the streets. Black people fear this shit. I’m scared for my mom when she drives at night..we have to be perfect..we can’t make a wrong turn or split decisions. George Floyd made a decision is stop by a store and lost his life because of this decision.
Did George Floyd really deserve a knee on his neck? That man has a family..that man is loved..that man was calling out to his mom..that man couldn’t breathe and a police officer, who is here to protect, continued to kneel on his neck with his hands in his pocket like everything was ok? Being black in America is hard!

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