Things You Should Know..

What I’ve learned through this quarantine.

That people have lost touch with themselves. People are nonchalant and they lack care for other people and the world. This is the why I believe we are in this situation today. People don’t care for other people..people don’t treat people like they are people with feelings. People forget that they will one day need help and the care they put out, may be the care they receive.
I believe that people will be judged on multiple things and that they will be forgiven for multiple things as well..but one thing I believe people will be judged on is how they’ve made people feel. People can believe that they are doing such a good job when in reality they are offending mad people. They are making mad people upset or cry behind closed doors because they are unhappy with the care they are receiving. People have to listen. People have to stop whatever bullshit they are doing and listen. It doesn’t hurt to listen to them, to try to understand them, to stop doing what makes you comfortable to try and make the other person feel at home in their own home.
What have I learned through this quarantine? I’ve learned that this house is not a home.


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