This is about my idea of what love is, so no it is not wrong! Everybody has their own idea of love.. this is mine, well a couple of mine. Ok, well to me love is a feeling you get when you accomplished something like “yoo I really just did that” it makes you feel happy, motivated to get shit done.. love is communication.. love is judgment free.. love don’t make you feel bad for wearing a bonnet to go to sleep. Look, I’m black.. I can’t sleep all night with, let’s say a fro.. and wake up with that same perfect fro, nooo! I need to put it up in a high pony tail or some “the color purple” plats, a scarf to stick the plats down lol Or a BONNET so my ponytail will not get squished, either way 😂 I WEAR A BONNET TO GO TO SLEEP. Anyway damn, love is so many things, love to me is patient. You have to understand that you can not rush love or anything for that matter. That is probably why a lot of women, are single (not saying that only black women are single.. but im speaking for the black woman because I am a black woman and it does kinda seem that we are left alone or single, (remember this is my opinion not facts) Anway, I do believe men just lack fucking patience when it comes to the black woman, like “damn, we ain’t perfect” nobody is. But they’ll expect us to somehow magically just be perfect. Not at all! We, women..not only black women either, we have flaws just like you. You don’t see us giving up on ya ass! Yea I’m down (ill) right now..but yo, if you love me or got love for me like you claim to have, you wouldn’t rush this shit nor would you leave me because I’m not “healing” fast enough for you.. you have to understand that I can’t get my body to heal any faster than what it’s already doing. I just can’t! What the fuck. If I could I would have been better like yesterday but I can’t.. I have to let my body heal itself and I have to work with it, and if that takes 2 years or 10 years, I have to deal with that..with or without “love” I don’t want fake love so can you keep that from around me please? Thanks 😊

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