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No respect for the disabled pt.1

People don’t respect disabled people. In my opinion, people see disabled people as less than. People believe that disabled people actually aren’t like regular people. People think that disabled people do not have feelings and that it’s ok to treat and talk 2 disabled people any kind of way because they are dependent on them.
I hate people like that. I hate people who treat old and disabled people badly. I hate people who take advantage of other people. I was trying to think back on a time that I may have been disrespectful to an elderly or disabled person..and I honestly couldn’t think of one. I’ve always treated people with respect. I’ve never had the courage to walk into someone’s house and not speak. I just never had the courage to do half the things that are done today. I never had the courage to speak loud and proud about my sexual encounters. I mean, they are done behind closed doors for a reason. I never had the courage to play loud music about, whatever people rap and sing about.
I was just raised a different era. A more supportive one. A better generation.
Think before you treat people wrong. Talk to them with respect. Understand that they are humans with actual feelings. A person may forget what was said or done, but they will never forget how it made them feel.

3 thoughts on “No respect for the disabled pt.1”

  1. This lady actually called me a pice of trash at my job. She got mad because we told her she had to wear a mask. I was like what did I do to deserve to get called a piece of trash. I was confused. I actually have a mental illness. I am disabled myself and I talk about this type of stuff on my YouTube channel. Maybe you might interested. I like your blog by the way. Let’s support each other.

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