Things You Should Know..


I wanted to post something unlike what I post about alot. I talk about health and love and achieving things that people doubt that you can achieve, I post about those things alot. I post about lifecolorism is apart of life 🤷🏾‍♀️ right?

To me, colorism usually occurs in the black communities. Maybe I should have WARNED YOU ***WHAT’S SAID IN THIS PASSAGE IS NOT INTENDED TO, BUT MAY UPSET SOME PEOPLE *** Now, colorism usually occurs in the black community. Colorism is like favoring lighter skin over darker skin. Choosing light over dark. Thinking light is right and clean but dark is not pure and dirty. People associate light skin with money and success. The lighter you are means the whiter you are which automatically means money 🤑💲
Lighter people are considered prettier, cleaner, more pure and just all around better people. Lighter people are believed to receive better jobs and better opportunities rather than darker people. It seems that dark skinned people must work harder, be stronger, be better.
This idea of being lighter to reach the fame that they would not have reached if they were darker or recieve opportunities that they may not have received if they were caused some darker people to want to lighten their complexion..they sometimes BLEACH and DAMAGE their skin. Dark skinned people destroy their beautiful skin and risk disease, just appear “pretty”
NEWS FLASH 🔈black people, you are beautiful. Black women, you are the ONLY people on this earth, who can create all forms of life..of every color. You are beautiful. Don’t allow images of lighter skin to make you believe otherwise. You are beautiful . Your skin is smooth like butter. Black people age like fine wine. You are so damn beautiful. I love being black..YOU don’t like it and being black was more beautiful until you…

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