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No respect for the disabled pt 2

Once again, people do not respect disabled people. There are some people who stick up for us โค and I am honestly thankful and appreciative of you. But then there are some people who remain hush mouthed about situations ๐Ÿ’” I am speaking from experience, when I say people act as if I am not even there..people act as if doing something simple for me is a burden to their lives. People act as if I should not have an opinion about anything, and when I do speak up..they’re surprised.
I had an incident where this lady (the transport lady who was picking me up for rehab) entered my house to verbally attack me. See, she thought that I was calling and complaining about her but I honestly wasn’t. Still to this day..I wonder who was ๐Ÿค” we (my home health aide and I) heard banging on my door and my doorbell buzzing like crazy. My home health aide said jokingly “it must be a black girl”…it was, and it was the same black girl who said that I was going to hell for not being a Christian (that’s another story, I’m no storyteller) she entered my house and said “who’s been calling saying I’m late?” I didn’t answer because who the fuck is she talking to ๐Ÿ˜‚? My aide didn’t answer either because I guess she was thinking the same thing. But then she looked at me and said “you be calling saying that I’m late?” I told her that no, I haven’t called and that she could step out my house. She was loud and still in my house, said “I have other people to pick up not just you, and I’m in here because I’m going to help you” I expected my home health aide to speak up or show her out. I mean, the lady was attacking me in my house and my aide just sat there?! I had come to the conclusion that nobody was going to defend me, whether it was believed I was wrong or right. ..I only had my words to defend me. My heart was racing..I was appetite was gone.
She took me to therapy, but I questioned why did she do that? Why didn’t my aide speak up? What about me screams weak?

2 thoughts on “No respect for the disabled pt 2”

  1. That must’ve been a terrible experience. I appreciate your candour, and being vulnerable enough to share this story. Wishing you the best, and thanks so much for this piece!

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