Don’t be talking to her like that!

She banged on my front door as if she were the police. She allowed herself in as if this house was her shit. My home health aide did nothing besides move to the side and allow this girl into my space. I needed protection. I needed someone to speak up for me and I needed someone to be on my side. I had own voice and that’s exactly what the fuck I used. This girl felt above me for some unknown reason..alot of people have that stigma. Alot of people feel that they ‘better’ than the next person because they may have something that the next person lacks. Here’s the reason why this girl felt confident enough to allow herself into my home.

I had physical therapy that day at 11 o’clock and everyone knows that transportation is rarely on time. I believe that I were to be on the transportation bus and on the way to therapy by 10:30 or something like that. Anyway, I was told to give them a call if the transportation lady was not here by a certain time. I gave her 5 minutes after the time because I had called therapy and told them that I was going to be a little late. I called transportation, which now I know was a big mistake 😅

Knowingly, I am not the only client but the girl felt the need to tell me again. She said “the world doesn’t revolve around you” I already knew that and I asked why she was in my house? And she answered to help. I don’t understand why she would think I actually would take her help after how she was acting towards me. I was mad. She was raising her voice so bitch I did too! She told me I was going to hell. I asked how you know. Blah blah I got to therapy on time and I thought that was that.
After therapy, she says “I don’t appreciate how you were talking me..raising your voice and stuff” I ignored her because I just wanted to get home. Her eyes were red and like popped out a little. Her eyes were like that all day 🤷🏾‍♀️ That got her bothered again. I don’t understand why this girl wanted a reaction out of me so bad. Alot of people expect reactions in situations and when a reaction is not received, people get upset.

Good luck trying to get your expected reaction. I wish you all the best! And btw, I called my mom because what the fuck

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