Do unto others.

I don’t beg. That never was me and that never will be who I am. I feel as though it is known that I am in need of help. I am not to prideful and shy to ask for help but how many times should a person ask until it becomes embedded in your head to do something without being asked? People have a hard time treating people how they want to be treated. Do you like to be presentable? Do you like for your clothes to match? Be ironed? Do you want your hair looking unkempt? Why would you treat someone else in a way that you wouldn’t be accepting of?People have a hard time talking to people how they want to be talked to. My grandma was unable to make decisions for herself or speak for herself or tell or do anything for that matter. A c.n.a walked in her room and said “woah, she look dead” the c.n.a hadn’t seen me sitting in the corner but I was alert and heard the rude remark. I asked her to repeat it because I didn’t want to believe that I had heard what the fuck I had heard. Long story short that scary bitch ain’t repeat (I don’t know what I was going to do but something was going to be done lol something needed to be done for my grandma sake) but I said that as an example of people talking to people in a way they wouldn’t like. An uncouth person would have wanted to fight but whatever. I don’t have to wish any bad luck on her because karma has already worked its magic..

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