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Therapy closed it’s doors 🥺

So I attend MossRehab and I have seen some amazing changes in my physical and mental health. My mom was soo happy that things (health wise) seemed to be falling in place for me. My mind was clearer because I KNEW that if a problem (health insurance, health equipment or anything health) occurred that we (my mom and I) couldn’t tackle, I would go to therapy and we would work trying to ensure that things be better. I took occasional therapy with my therapist Laura and physical therapy with my therapist Jazmine. I am so thankful for them and I am saddened hearing the news of the facility closing its doors. I’ve came a long long way and although I am not 100% back to myself. My therapist worked hard and didn’t give up and because of this I AM THANKFUL and WILL REMAIN ❤♿

2 thoughts on “Therapy closed it’s doors 🥺”

  1. Dang. Sorry to hear about this place closing. It seemed like it was a good spot for you to get some treatment. It’s great that these 2 ladies made your life easier by providing something that was so helpful on your path. I hope that if ever you wish to continue therapeutic services that you find people just as good to work with.

    1. It really was a good place there, good people who genuinely cared. I don’t think I’ll find that again and I will seek it. But I know I’ll meet more good people..I’m like a magnet 🧲 😂❤

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