Things You Should Know..

Let go ❤

Sometimes you just have to let go. Let go of all the bullshit, the pain, the unnecessary stress..the people even. people can be the cause for all that shit. You can still love them and care for them but do it from over you’re there but you’re not there lol letting go of some of those people may hurt you to the core..make ya heart all sad n heavy n shit 😂 but its something you gotta do. It’s almost like dealing with a death but the person or people ain’t die yet. You may feel like you have their back for real, the long way and nobody has yours. Like you would bend over backwards for that person but they won’t do the same for you. You just have to take a step back..they’ll realize some stuff..they’ll crumble because people like that were meant to break, they can live without you but not the way they used to. Those people hurt you but they ain’t doing it intentionally..they just don’t realize or see the effort, the work you’re putting in..they won’t see you until you’re nowhere to be found. Then reach out to you like hey Ny I ain’t hear from you in a long time..where you been? I been around you bitch, the whole time 🙄 it’s ok, it might hurt but its needed. Oh and before I forget Cardi B stop using the n-word. Thanks ❤

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