Things You Should Know..

I wish..

You should want happiness for everybody not just for yourself. I know how it feels to be sad..I know how it feels to be alone, and that feeling? I wouldn’t wish that feeling on not one soul. I am to familiar with the feeling of sorrow. I know what sorrow feels like and it doesn’t feel good. I wanted a person’s feel a person’s heat off their body. I wanted everything, moreover I wanted to feel love. I don’t wish for anyone to feel sad EVER. It’s not a good feeling AT ALL. I wish for happiness, unity, support, and peace..more importantly I wish for love.

15 thoughts on “I wish..”

  1. Because you have tested sorrow and loneliness; happiness must b your lasting legacy. Unfortunately, some people feel like misery will their life until death do them apart

      1. I tried to overlook all that she does, but she makes it hard for me to love her as my mom

      2. Do you live with her? A positive relationship with your mom is real important..most women will look at the relationship between the son and the mom

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