Stay relaxed ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ

Stay in a relaxed calm state of mind. Keep the energy around you positive and not loud or chaotic. Are you able to think in a chaotic room? No. Can you handle business when loud chaos is surrounding you? No, you will be distracted. A person needs stillness. A person needs peace and quiet. A person needs a sound mind. How can one stay focused when so many things are happening? Children can be running and playing, a phone can keep ringing, while the TV is on, the dogs are barking because someone is at the is easy to get caught up. Take time for your mind. You are unable to function properly in such a chaotic environment. Go onto the porch, shit you have to think lol do things daily for your mind. Your reality is chaotic because #1 it’s around you and #2 people think and come up with solutions for the chaos in their head, so it’s thought about all day. You have to take time out for your mind or you will lose your mind. Take the kids out back to play, keep the phone on vibrant (I would suggest to turn it off but phones are important nowadays) turn the TV off, allow the kids to play with the dogs and you relax. It’s easier said but try.

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