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Writing is therapeutic for me!

Im asked alot of different things. But the other day i was asked is writing therapeutic. The answer to that was yeahkinda. I mean, I never really thought of it like that..but i guess in some way writing is therapeutic for me. I be thinking of shit but I struggle with speech (mentioned that before) so sometimes what I want to say won’t come out or it comes out, differently of how it was said in my head or lol I just don’t feel like fucking saying’s weird 🙄 I be thinking can you just shut the fuck up, do it look like I was left off bad&bougie 💅🏾😂 Sike na, but I do be wanting them to shut up though cause I dont be feeling like talking. text me, cause that talking shit? I’ll leave some important stuff out. For instance, I’m always asked what happened to me and i do not mind verbally answering but I did write that already 👉🏽 (so i have ataxia )so just read it..not to sound rude but your question ain’t new, I probably already answered first, ask questions last type shit.
But anyway, yes writing is like therapy. Stuff that I can not say at the moment..I’ll write it. It might be like three days later lol but I forgot to say this, so here, I wrote it *shrugging* what I don’t like and the reason why I don’t talk much is because people tend to talk over me, like what they have to say is more important than what I’m already saying or like when I would say something and then they would add onto what was being said by me and like talk all loud like they’re really spitting some knowledgeable shit *kanye shrug now* long story short..i don’t like being cut off whilst I’m don’t do it 👌🏾I still love you though, just listen sometimes..can’t talk and listen at the same damn time
I would to know what do you do that’s therapeutic? Alot of people write, it may not make sense to anybody else but it makes alotta sense to the person who wrote it

1 thought on “Writing is therapeutic for me!”

  1. I think writing is very therapeutic! It helped me get a lot of emotions out in a healthy way while growing up. I also enjoy a good massage 💆🏾 and some great music 🎶 😁.

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