Things You Should Know..

Obedience is hard so Sacrifice must be easy ๐Ÿค”

I was watching a video on YouTube of DMX. I can’t remember what it was called but he was saying how hard obedience was and of sacrifice being easy. I’ve never thought about it before but obeying something is really hard. Idk why obedience is so hard but it is. I mean I’ve been battling obedience for my entire life it seems like. Being obedient just seemed to have gotten harder over time and with me having ataxia and all. All I do is sit around n think. I check my phone messages, my emails and I ask God for the strength to not check my social media. Checking social media has sadly become the highlight of my day. I tell myself “I’m just going to go on there for a second” and then I scroll down and something catches my attention, so that one second of weakness turns into being weak all day. I beat myself up about falling weak to social media daily. I don’t understand why I am so addicted and furthermore where did this addiction even start? I mean I log into Facebook alot. Then I go over to Instagram, next is Twitter..followed by YouTube. I don’t even receive a message or a notification half of the time..I just get excited with the thought that ‘maybe’ I do..just ‘maybe’ Social media is addicting and obedience is hard. I can’t speak about sacrifice because I’ve never sacrificed anything. I’m just saying obedience is fucking hard and we need to seek guidance and strength.

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