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Hi I’m Ny ☺

Ok so I’ve never officially introduced myself or my blog. I’ve never really said where I’ve gotten the name for this blog or anything. I guess I just popped out of nowhere and started saying whatever. Well I apologize for that and my name is Ny although the name of this blog is Seven Says.
I decided to name it Seven Says because of judgment. I didn’t want to be found. So I named this blog something that is far from my name. The name of this blog has absolutely NOTHING to do with my name. I’ve linked this blog to my Facebook but nobody actually clicked the link. I also have this blog linked in my profile on instagram but once again the link is rarely clicked. So this blog is not a’s just not taken seriously or recognized.
I wanted to create this blog because I have Cerebellar Ataxia and my hands are effected but I enjoy writing. I went to a creative and performing arts high school where I took up creative writing. I have alot of poems and stories that I’ve wrote. So, when I got sick I kind of stopped writing alittle. I was in an out of hospitals and writing a poem was far from my mind. I didn’t do anything that I use to do.
I thought to myself that I could barely even write, I didn’t even think like I use to. Then I was introduced to blogging.
I thought that I could blog because no one on this site knew me from before Ataxia. No one knew what type of writer I one could judge me for my past 🙏🏾 everyone just sees the person I am now.
My first blog post was of course a poem. A old poem because remember I said that I stopped everything. I posted my poem and that was that. I didn’t tell anyone that I did it..I just posted it. I gained about 3 or 5 followers from that poem and about 7 likes with 0 comments, which was fine with me.I kept posting and reposting and I got recognized for my writing. I didn’t know what I was doing and I still have no clue where anything is going. I just post because I enjoy writing. No certain special hour..I just post after I write, which is everyday and randomly lol..but I was told by my mom to be more specific and post at least once a week. So I began to post twice a week on Monday at 3 and Friday at 430 sometime 5 and I repost things I’ve already written throughout the week. So I still post daily just something new on Friday and Sunday. I’m also trying to write longer posts because in school I wrote poems and poems could be short. So I’m trying to become a different type of writer. I don’t know what kind of writer that is but I’m trying to become it lol I hope that you follow my journey and I hope to motivate you. I want you to understand that it’s ok. Everything will be OK and that life will most definitely get better. Stay positive and stay up to date with me and my journey.
Thanks ❤ Ny.

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