Where would you be with out me? πŸ€”

I often ask myself this when being ask obvious questions. I’m rarely talked to but remembered suddenly when asked simple questions like “where the milk at?” or “can you buy this, I’ve reached my spending limit for today.” I’ve never been awakened by music playing loudly while cleaning. I’ve never been wakened up by the smell of food being cooked in the kitchen. I always wake up and wish I hadn’t. I always wake up more tired than I did when trying to fall asleep. I always wake up and am reminded that I have pain somewhere. I am always reminded that I am disabled. I want to be appreciated and talked to regularly, not only when something is lost and needs to be found. Is that all I’m looked at as? I often ask myself where would you be πŸ‘€ without me?

5 thoughts on “Where would you be with out me? πŸ€””

  1. My heart aches to read this. I hope others in your life start to take note and show more appreciation and inclusion. You are valuable and much more than the disability that you live with. I struggle with the same at times, so I hope by sharing with you a reminder that helps me, it might encourage you.

    1. Thanks for your comment ❀ at times I do feel down about things and start to thinking that I am not deserving of things and that I’m just here.idk I can’t explain it but I feel like my feelings don’t matter at times.

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