How are you? 🧠 mentally?

I just want to check up on your mental. How are you holding up? I know that things are weird now…well weidER. And to think πŸ€” I didn’t believe that things could get anymore weird. I thought that things were the weirdest they’ll ever get…guess I was wrong. People are proving to be weird and selfish creatures..they don’t really care for the next person’s mental. They don’t understand that by helping others and talking to them, they are actually helping themselves..coming to a conclusion by themselves..solving problems to situations just by being selfless and attentive..just by listening to someone else, they actually help themselves. Alot of people choose to write ( me πŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ ) because they feel more comfortable talking/ writing to themselves..less judgements. Yes I talk to myself..I answer myself and I, of course judge myself. I take ownership of things I may have done in situations and promise myself to TRY not to do it again. But taking ownership? Is hard and it takes practice. But anyway, have you tried that? Do you try to take responsibility for the roles you may have played to determine your karma? That’s good for the mind..less of a load. So that leads me to the question again of how are you mentally? Me?

10 thoughts on “How are you? 🧠 mentally?”

  1. Good insight. How are you doing? I am stressed as I am preparing for tomorrow, but have been trying to rest and stay out of the smoke the last few days so that helps.

      1. Uggh, delayed appointments are the worst when the need can’t be ignored. I hope you are able to find some sort of relief or distraction from the pain while you wait and that October comes quickly.

  2. That so beautifully written.. I found it more interesting because I am going through the same.. could relate alot.

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