I had a weird dream πŸ˜•

I had a dream the other day. I have alot of dreams that I don’t talk about but this one was weird af lol I’ve always questioned will I ever be a mother?! Will someone ever call me mom? Will Ibeabletoproducea mini Ny?! I’ve been asking myself this because of the pills I’ve taken..the medicine that has been injected and just the all around treatment of this body and all that it has been through since being diagnosed with Ataxia. I dreamed that I was in my old middle the hallway..picking eggs to put in a little blue basket I had. I woke up and thought to myself “eggs mean fertility” I was excited lol And yeah eggs do mean fertility but it wasn’t just eggs. It was eggs i picked and placed into a basket. The dream had nothing to do with just symbolized good things coming my way. The dream didn’t tell me how soon good things were coming but now i’m eager to find out ❀

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