Don’t live for ‘what if’

Live for the now. Accept yourself the way you are right now. Don’t get yourself down by thinking and looking and hating the life you live now. I truly believe that I am unattractive and that I will never find a partner. I honestly believe that no1 will see me, the way that I see myself. I always point out all the things that I do not have and what I wish for on a daily basis to one day have. But what about the things that I am blessed with now? I don’t give them any’s not that I do not notice them or that I will not be sad if they mysteriously disappeared..but I don’t give praise to them at all. I go about my day as if nothing will change..and that I must focus and be attentive to those things I do not have..maintain my focus..and those things will mysteriously appear.
I have always known that things do not work like that. How can I give all my attention and focus to something that I do not have yet? That’s honestly stupid. How do I expect to receive those things I want without showing love and appreciation for the things I have?
Live for the now. Don’t focus on the what if..look at your life now..give thanks and what you want..will come.

4 thoughts on “Don’t live for ‘what if’”

  1. Oh yeah, focusing on the now is a very important thing, and it helps with anxiety for the future too. A wise person once said: Why waste your time worrying about something that’s not promised?

    That’s so true, because even our fears are not promised. What’s promised is happening right now. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. It does cause anxiety and stress and a weird feeling when thinking about the past or the future right?! I try to just focus on the now and not about tomorrow or yesterday but focusing on the now is kinda hard..because I do not like my current situation but I am grateful for my now even though it is disappointing

  2. I try to keep this in mind. I feel so much regret every time a girl I know is attracted to me approaches (usually she stares a lot, smiles slyly, stands close) and I just quiver and become silent… I leave the restaurant or café or cross the street and give myself an excuse not to ask for a name or number. I am confident, not shy but introverted, but sometimes it feels I’m destined to always miss opportunities.

    I’ve been getting out more to meet people, but also to show self-love. Going to terrarium building events and such has been fun. Sometimes I feel pressure, like, I need to approach the girl instead of waiting. But then I put too much pressure on and I get a headache and lonely. I need to find a balance.

    I know it’ll work out eventually. I’m 22, sometimes I still feel like a teen for various reasons (still share a room with my brother, still live with my parents) and don’t hang with anybody my age. But I’m going out more, I jog and write in my spare time. I’m planning a trip to DC. I don’t know how it’ll all work out, but I’m choosing to be hopeful 😌

    (Sorry for the length, this has been bottled up for a while and I needed to vent)

    1. It’s ok lol the length didn’t bother me at all. We are the hardest on ourselves. We judge ourselves before anyone else says anything..if they were going to say anything at all. I think it’s good that you are taking a’s good that you are forcing yourself out so you won’t live with the regret of “what if”

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